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Newman Returns to All Day I Dream with ‘I Love Therefore I Am’

Newman Returns to All Day I Dream with ‘I Love Therefore I Am’


Today, Newman makes his highly-anticipated return to All Day I Dream with the release of his new EP I Love, Therefore I Am. 

A fusion of Eastern and Western sounds, the four-track record immediately whisks listeners into a daydream with sweeping string instrumentation, Latin rhythms, and twinkling synths. These elements coalesce with light, bouncing bass lines, producing an emotive narrative that unfolds across the EP. 

Indian elements take shape in the fluttering form of feminine vocals and sitar on ‘Kiss Of The Seraph,’ whereas tender language on ‘Eu Sou’ and a tangy rhythm on ‘Uma Noite Com Mariana’ diffuse vibrant Portuguese and Brazilian influences. An ethereal realm awaits on ‘‘Written In The Language of Dreams,’ as echoing soundscapes and evocative vocals meet with burning kicks and soaring orchestration. Newman radiates the delicate ethos of All Day I Dream on this record, which will be soon be a fan-favorite of the traveling series’ next season of shows.

Newman represents the melodic pseudonym for New York underground staple Stephan Delacotte. With over two decades notched to his belt within the underground scene, the local favorite has embarked on a global adventure after re-discovering his love for the more melodic strains of house. He has since developed a luminescent discography and bloomed into an eminent presence among talent including Lee Burridge, Bedouin, YokoO, Satori and many more. 


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